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Many companies and organizations often realize the lack of local resources to meet the challenges of rapid developments at present, therefore many companies and institutions are forced to seek aid from qualified professionals who can help institutions and companies in developing and implementing the best plans and methods to improve performance and achieve goals.
Shamil Consulting provides many services that help institutions and companies to advance their business through a trained and experienced team of specialists.

Some of our services

Management Consultancy
Strategic Planning
Feasibility Study
Market Study and Analysis
Performance Improvement Plans

Shamil Consulting services help you obtain an administrative feasibility study for your organization, whether it is large, small, or a whole new project. All we strive for is to help you succeed in your project and introduce your products to the target market based on a distinguished study.
Management consulting is one of the most important effective factors in the success of small and large enterprises. Management and financial consultancy help to improve the performance of institutions and companies through continuous analysis of the performance of project management and management in general, by developing marketing and management plans to improve the company’s position amongst competitors.

Consulting activities

  • Administrative field: (Long-Range Planning – Senior Management – Regulation of Economic Control)
  • Production field: (Factory Design – Production Methods – Production Scheduling & Programming)
  • Marketing field: (Market Analysis – Sales Trend – Distribution Methods – Knowledge of Incentives)
  • Financial affairs: (Cost Accounting – Budget Study)
  • Graphic analysis: (Computer Studies – Hardware Selection – Programming & Scheduling – Staff Training)
  • Reducing costs: (Work Simplification – Work Measurement – Work Rewards)

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