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Human translation is always the most requested and reliable translation service. Translation software and programs have indeed come a long way in a significantly short period, but in the end, it remains an automatic process, and automatic processes lack the presence and awareness of the human translator. This would lead to the absence of accuracy, consistency, style, terminology disintegration, and the transmission error of contexts, which in its turn will inevitably negatively impact and reduce the level of translation quality.

Shamil Translation, thanks to its team of professionals with diverse, multinational, and multilingual expertise, provides distinguished translation services that are known for carrying the spirit of the culture from the source materials in various fields to a whole new audience. Our translators are selected according to strict procedures in terms of practical testing, professional assessment, and interviewing.
Our office is accredited by the Ministry of Justice in the Kingdom of Bahrain and holds an ISO certificate for quality assurance. We provide certified legal translation services for many law firms and international and high-profile companies. Furthermore, we deal with transparency in valuing each translation document at a competitive price. Many companies rely on our services due to our commitment to delivering quality orders on time.

What Is the Quality Assurance Process?

Before translation:

– Analyzing (source/origin) and skimming the file/document to develop a glossary of terms, if necessary.
– Smart Select: Considering & Understanding the client’s project requirements before assigning the appropriate and specialized translator. The concerned translator translates the content professionally intending to convey the exact meaning the writer intended.

During Translation:

– Translation: A specialized native language translator relative to the source text to work on translating the document provided by the client.
– Linguistic/legal references: Serve to efficiently save your time and effort from having to revise the document, and ensures the integrity of the content to be formulated to the best possible linguistic style within the classification followed.
– Final revision: An independent linguistic reviewer to adjust the translation in terms of contexts and phrases to achieve accuracy and sufficiency.

After translation:

– Final approval from the client (if any): Our administrative team communicates with the client to ensure receipt and accuracy of all information.
– Service Warranty: 7 days, extendable upon the situation.

To save you time and achieve the desired results, we have constructed a special team of professional translators in many languages and fields. Whatever the nature of the text, we have the capacity and efficiency to help you achieve your goals.

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